Editor of The Motherload. Top Writer in Parenting. Her BSc. and RRT designations led to a fulfilling NICU career prior to becoming a mother.

It was part of the job description, but that didn’t lessen the heartbreak.

A parent holds the tiny hand of a newborn baby.
Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Trigger warning: this story is about newborn loss. It discusses personal experience from the healthcare perspective but involves details of end-of-life care.

I am a proud Respiratory Therapist (RT).

I worked in the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in our province (I’m Canadian). The sickest newborn babies from up…

Let’s just take a second to appreciate our achievements.

A woman in her undergarments kneeling beside a bed, rests her head on the mattress in defeat.
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Lately, I have been struggling. Struggling with exhaustion. Struggling feeling overwhelmed. Struggling with mom guilt.

When I had the opportunity to talk to someone about how I’ve been feeling, there was no shortage of content in areas where I feel like I am failing. “You are dealing with a lot…

Today, ‘The Motherload’ hit 100 followers and beyond.

Photo by Guille Álvarez on Unsplash

This community is nothing short of amazing!

Twenty-seven days ago on a whim, I created our publication. The Motherload came to fruition with the goal of uniting moms around the world through shared experiences, valuable information, and inclusivity.

We have quickly grown into a large group of first-class mothers. Mothers…

Erin Hendriksen

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