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Editor of The Motherload. Top Writer in Parenting. Her BSc. and RRT designations led to a fulfilling NICU career prior to becoming a mother.


Even though his contributions make me a better mom.

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My husband does the laundry. No one asks him to, and often no one thanks him for doing it. But somehow, every week, our clothes, our kids' clothes, the towels, the sheets; they all get cleaned. And with each load, the jealousy grows.

Throwing the piles into the washing machine is definitely the easy part. From there, he sorts them into mounds of hang dry vs. dryer items, hangs the clothes, folds the towels and clothes, and puts the fresh sheets on the beds.

A couple of times per week, I walk into our bedroom to find a tidy little…


In my case, the debate has been settled.

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My husband and I have always dreamed of a bigger family, but lately, we find ourselves questioning whether we should make that our reality.

We have two daughters, two happy, healthy, and perfect little girls. They have fulfilled us in a way that only a parent knows possible. We are overjoyed with the family we have, but our dream was three children.

When it comes to having another child, our heads say one thing but our hearts say another.

According to our heads, we are done having children.

Things have settled in our life as a family of four. The…

Today, ‘The Motherload’ hit 100 followers and beyond.

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This community is nothing short of amazing!

Twenty-seven days ago on a whim, I created our publication. The Motherload came to fruition with the goal of uniting moms around the world through shared experiences, valuable information, and inclusivity.

We have quickly grown into a large group of first-class mothers. Mothers who are strong. Mothers who are intelligent. Mothers who are incredibly supportive.

Our mission is to provide our followers with ‘the motherload of motherhood information’ and we are well on our way to doing that. We have published dozens of stories, the majority of which have been chosen for distribution…

Volume 1 — May 2021

First of all, let me just say, wow! In the three weeks since this publication was founded, I am astonished by how far it has come. I am so proud to have my name share space among the list of writers in this group. Women who are highly educated, creative, genuine, sensitive, compassionate, and driven. Women who are mothers.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey to make motherhood information accessible and free from judgment.

April Highlights

Our publication was founded on April 9th. Within one week we had 28 followers, 20 writers, and 12 published stories. Of the 12…


What to do when the star of the show gets silenced.

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Long before I became pregnant, I thought I was strong enough to handle childbirth without an epidural.

Thankfully, that turned out to be true. Through no choice of my own, I delivered my first child vaginally without the assistance of an epidural. And to this day, I cringe when I think about our labor experience.

Not because of the pain, but because my wishes were blatantly ignored.

Due to complications, our obstetrician decided that when we got to 37 weeks, our baby would thrive better out than in. And an induction was scheduled.

As this was my first, I had…


Asking for help means you have succeeded as a mother.

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How many times have you compared yourself to another mom, your child to another child?

I know that I have a habit of doing this. It is mostly a quick, innocent thought, but nonetheless, it crosses my mind. If I am thinking it, I know other moms are too. None of us would ever dare say that motherhood is a competition. …


The pity party has to end.

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Despite having the family, the home, and the life I’ve always wanted, I feel like I am always irritable.

I know why I am so irritable. At least, I thought I knew why I was so irritable. As a mother of a six-month-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old, I am in a constant state of exhaustion.

But I recently found myself thinking, am I choosing to make anger my new standard?

I am a happy person, I love my life and the people in it. I like to stop to point out a butterfly to my daughters or smell a flower. …


If you write about motherhood, we want you!

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Welcome to The Motherload Publication.

Please take a moment to read our welcome letter to familiarize yourself with our publication and what we are passionate about. We are happy to be adding new writers daily and would love to welcome you to our team. Though we are new, we already have a strong group of mothers on board!

If you have dreamt of becoming a mother or have now become one. If you have fostered children or been a surrogate. If you have welcomed children into your home through adoption, IVF, or stork delivery. Your perspective will be valued here.


Sometimes when you least expect it, you get more than you give.

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I was lucky to have a milk supply the came in early and abundantly following the birth of my second daughter. My child’s tummy was filled, along with one or two six-ounce milk storage bags per day. Within a few weeks, we had bags spilling out of the freezer.

It was a very fortunate problem to have.

Each little bag was labeled with milk volume. Each little bag was sorted by date. Each little bag delicately and lovingly placed in the queue.

My little soldiers, standing ever ready to come to my rescue should my breasts need a break, or…


Some things are more important than breastmilk.

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash

Before becoming a mother, I had strong feelings towards breastfeeding.

My stance was that I would do everything in my power to make it happen. There were no negative opinions about anyone who chose otherwise, but I couldn’t wait to breastfeed.

Now as a breastfeeder with over two years of nursing experience, I know that breast is not always best.

My first child was breastfed until she was 20 months old. Early on we struggled through cracked nipples, but it was mostly a mutually enjoyable experience. …

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